What To Do With Empty Ink Cartridges

Everyone has gone through their share of ink cartridges. It doesn’t matter if you just print a few things here and there, or you’ve got a ton of pages flying off everyday. We have all finished a cartridge and wondered what to do next. Most of us probably toss them in the trash, but there are actually tons of ways to recycle and reuse these leftover items. Reusing and recycling them is incredibly important, especially when we consider all the trash an office can create.

Reducing waste by prolonging the life of our ink cartridges or by properly recycling them can be one step in making a big environmental impact on the world. While ink cartridges themselves are often seen as one-use items, they are not! They are actually very easy to recycle or refill. Read below to figure out what the easiest solution for you.


We know buying ink cartridges is a necessity for every office and home, but did you know that despite over forty percent of Australians efforts to recycle ink cartridges, most end up in a landfill? Those pieces of plastic end up in the landfill all because they were put in the wrong bin. Actually, forty five percent of all Australians admit to just throwing these totally recyclable cartridges straight into their landfill trash.

When ink cartridges end up in the landfill, that’s bad news for all of us. Most ink and toner cartridges are made from fine plastic particles, toxic colouring agents, and carbon. All of these materials have difficulty biodegrading. It takes hundreds of years before the cartridges are able to deteriorate, which is why it’s so necessary to recycle.

Our ink cartridges for Australia, from Sydney to Perth, are easy to recycle, too. Just use the not-for-profit website Planet Ark to find out how your locality recycles its ink cartridges. If you’re not satisfied with that, you can connect with an organisation like Office Works. They will recycle toner or ink cartridges for you at no charge.


Another great option when it comes to dealing with empty ink and toner cartridges is to refill them. While not all companies’ cartridges support this, if you use a brand that does, it is a great economical and ecological option to consider. You’ll save money and the planet all in one fell swoop!

Just Remember

No matter what you use, be sure to dispose of it in a safe and hopefully green way! When we add up all the trash we create with our office supplies, it can be crazy to see exactly how much material we all use. But we can all work together to limit our office waste when we properly recycle or reuse our supplies and make a great impact! 

If you’ve still got some confusion about recycling or refilling, you can always contact us, and we will help you to connect with the right solution! We know ink cartridges in Perth can be a hassle to sort out, but we are happy to help you solve your office supply disposal woes.