The Most Common Ink Cartridge Problems

If you’re having problems with your printer, it’s likely that your ink cartridge will be the source of those issues. Let’s take a look at some of the most common error messages along with the quick fix solutions.

1| Ink Cartridge Is Not Recognised

This often shows because you are using compatible ink cartridges rather than genuine ink cartridges. Epson Printers are the most likely to detect those differences, but other brands do boast this tech feature too.

The best way to overcome this problem is to switch your ink to the OEM solution.

2| Printing The Wrong Colour

This usually occurs due to one of two reasons. Either the ink cartridges have been fitted without removing the breather tape or the print head is obstructed or partially blocked. The first job, then, is to check that the cartridges are in the right positions.

Meanwhile, printing a test page should highlight which colours are blocked.

3| Printing White Horizontal Lines

If the printer is printing white lines or misses out certain sections, there is a problem with the printhead. This is because the in has dried on the print head. As such, it is most likely to occur when you are an infrequent user.

Even if it’s just one sheet, you should try to print something every few days to prevent this issue.

4| Vertical Lines Appear On The Page

Vertical lines on the page suggest that there is an issue with the ink cartridge drum. Lines on the edge of the page show that the drum is worn out while lines in the main part of the page show that the drum is scratched.

Replacing the ink is essential for the latter. The former may require a new drum unit too.

5| Ink Levels Aren’t Detected

The printer may struggle to detect the ink cartridges for a number of reasons. You should always install new cartridges while the printer is turned on. It’s usually best to delay replacing them until you are prompted to by the printer too.

Another option is to turn the printer off for half an hour to reset the memory.

6| Wrong Cartridge Installed

Your printer may decide to dislike your ink cartridge for one of many reasons, including region locking. Clean the terminals and microchip with a cotton bud and check that the cartridge is fitted correctly into the printer.

If those tricks fail, replacing the ink cartridge may be necessary.

7| Ink Leaks Into The Printer

This is most likely to occur when using compatible ink cartridges. Poor designs can lead to leaking from the valves due to the fact that they don’t sit in the printer as snug as they should. This is one reason to avoid any product that feels too cheap to be any good.

Stick to reputable brands, and you won’t go far wrong.

There are several other issues that could surface but the seven above issues are the most common. Now that you know how to prevent and treat them, staying on top of the situation should be easy.