Our Top Tips for Saving Money on Ink Cartridges

We all know that buying ink cartridges can be costly. Thankfully, there are ways to save money. Whether you print at home on a regular basis, or you’re looking to cut running expenses for your business and save on the cost of ink cartridges, here are our top tips.

Swap your printer

You might think that it sounds a little illogical to suggest investing in a new printer in a post about saving money, but swapping your printer could actually contribute to substantial savings in the long-term. If you’ve bought a printer on sale for less than $50, for example, you’ll probably find that the running costs are a lot higher than a more expensive model. Spending more at the outset will often lead to savings later on.

Use your printer frequently

If you don’t use your printer at least once a week, there’s a risk of the ink drying up, and this will waste the entire cartridge.

Adjust your settings

If you’re spending too much on ink cartridges in Perth, take a look at the settings on your printer. If you don’t need high-quality printouts all the time, you could save by switching to draft mode.

Print preview and font selection

Before you hit the print button, make use of the print preview feature. This will help to eliminate mistakes. You can also save ink by swapping your font to either Ecofont or Garamond.

Switching your printer on and off

If you’re using your printer throughout the day, don’t turn it off and on again repeatedly. Keep it on, as this will help to save ink. It is a good idea, however, to turn your printer off if you’re shutting up shop for the weekend or you’re going away.

Monitor your usage

If you don’t already use software to track ink usage, you might find that investing in a programme saves you money. There are very few that are available free of charge, but most represent good value for money.

Be mindful of printer warnings

If you get a low ink warning sign flashing up, this probably prompts you to order a new cartridge. Bear in mind that printers usually offer this advice when the cartridge is still at least 20% full. Don’t wear your cartridge into the ground, but be mindful that you don’t need to rush out to replace it as soon as the box pops up.

Shop around

In this day and age, it’s possible to save money on almost everything by shopping around for cheap printer ink deals. Saving money on printing isn’t just about improving efficiency. You can also take advantage of lower costs if you’re willing to take a moment to compare prices and look for special offers and discounts. Always make sure you use secure sites and buy from reputable vendors like Ink Warehouse.


Do you feel like you’re constantly buying ink cartridges or that your printing costs are increasing year on year? Hopefully, these top tips will help you lower the cost of buying cartridges without impacting on the quality of the finished article.