Genuine vs Compatible Printer Cartridges

Finding the right ink for your printer is a far tougher challenge than it should be, and there are a number of questions that you’ll want to answer. Perhaps the most important one, however, is whether to buy genuine printer cartridges or compatible printer cartridges.


Given that ink is the biggest ongoing expense relating to your printing activities, it’s imperative that you make the right decision. Here’s all you need to know in order to make a calculated decision.


Genuine Printer Cartridges


Also known as originals or OEM cartridges, genuine printer cartridges are made by the printer manufacturer. Therefore, they are designed specifically with the printer model in mind and will offer a high-quality and reliable printing service time and time again thanks to the manufacturing standards set by the brand equipment.


Genuine printer cartridges do tend to be the most expensive for what they are. However, they are possibly the easiest to install as the printer model is built to accept the OEM cartridges. As such, many users find this to be a match made in heaven.


For high-end graphical prints, the genuine printer cartridges are the go-to solution. If you just need a standard print quality for documents etc. you may want to look elsewhere.


Compatible Printer Cartridges


Compatible printer cartridges offer an alternative to the branded ink from the manufacturer. They can also be referred to as generic cartridges and are a cost-effective solution. Despite being created by a third-party, they are still produced under strict quality control and are a popular option for many users as well as businesses wanting to cut their costs.


The compatible printer cartridges are capable of producing good quality printouts but often won’t match the quality of OEMs, which is something to consider. However, they may allow you to print more pages than the genuine printer cartridges can achieve, adding even more value.


There will be more options on the market, which gives you the chance to find the best option. Then again, not all compatible printer cartridges are great, which is why you need to choose carefully.


The Third Option…


Compatible printer cartridges aren’t the only alternative solution on the market. You could also look at refill cartridges. Often called remanufactured cartridges, they are created by third parties while their pricing usually sits somewhere between the cost of generic printer cartridges and compatible printer cartridges.


Manufacturers collect used cartridges before cleaning them and refilling them with ink or toner powder. Many people enjoy the eco-friendly aspect of recycling old materials while they often allow you to print more pages too. This is because the cartridges are filled to the top.


They offer a good print quality for documents but will not match the high-end graphic prints of genuine print cartridges that are built by the manufacturer.


The Final Word


Ultimately, then, there is no one single right or wrong solution. As long as you take your individual habits and requirements into account, you should find the best option with ease.