Common Myths About Standard Printer Cartridges

Printing should be an easy, straightforward process – and for the most part, it is. But while it’s as simple as putting printer ink into your device and clicking “print”, paying for those ink cartridges can be a real pain. With just a few big-name brands monopolising the market, you may have wondered if you could make the switch to standard, non-brand ink.

There are many myths regarding ink cartridges and whether they are brand name Canon ink cartridges/OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or not. How many of these are true? We have compiled some of the most frequent misunderstandings and the facts behind them.

 Myth #1: “My printer doesn’t work with off-brand cartridges.”

You bought some cheap, generic ink cartridges, installed them, and tried to print with them. It didn’t work, so you probably assumed that it was because your printer doesn’t accept off-brand ink. But the truth is, there are a whole host of reasons why your generic cartridges aren’t working, and the problem usually isn’t compatibility. Then what’s wrong?

There are plenty of problems that could be contributing to your difficulty in printing—it could be the network connection, paper jams, and toner issues. Make sure that it is ink that your printer needs to work properly and not toner, otherwise you will find yourself in a bit of an inconvenience.

Of course, that’s not to say that counterfeit cartridges don’t exist. Always be sure to buy printer ink from a reputable seller to get high-quality generic cartridges.

Myth #2: “Off-brand cartridges don’t print as well.”

There is a common misconception that brand-name ink prints better than generic ink, which is massively untrue. As previously listed, plenty of factors go into what makes a printed image or document high-quality, and cartridges are only one.

If you have had a bad experience in the past, simply try a new one with your printer. You may find that other cartridges can still be effective even if they’re not name brand. 

If you’re trying to decide between products, consider compatible cartridges which are water-based and contain more ink as opposed to genuine ones which are oil-based. Both are high quality, but while there is an assumption that genuine ones are better, compatible standard cartridges are also equally substantial while still yielding a longer lifespan due to the increased amount of ink.

Additionally, off-brand products do not dry up faster than OEM HP or Canon ink cartridges, therefore they are no more likely to drain money out of you as name brand products.

Myth #3: “Off-brand cartridges will ruin my printer!”

Nothing about generic cartridges will inherently ruin your printer. It does remain a possibility if you buy counterfeit products from an unreliable source, but if you shop with common sense, your printer will be just fine.

These cartridges also will not inherently ruin or block your print head. Again, it is possible that these inconveniences could happen, hence the utmost importance to do your research on a product before purchasing it, but not a kiss of death if you choose to stray from your average OEM product.

Leaks, for example, are a common problem, but using standard ink products doesn’t increase your risk. They do not automatically ooze the ink inside of them just because they are not directly from the manufacturer.

Additionally, your printer warranty will most likely still be in effect even if you have used a certain cartridge. Of course, we cannot promise things like that across the board, but seldom are warranties voided for that reason.

Final Thoughts

Here at Ink Warehouse, our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your printer in order to save time, money, and effort. We understand the needs of your printer and the details of keeping up with it that sometimes fall through the cracks.

There’s a common belief that products that are more expensive are higher quality than cheaper alternatives, and this is simply an assumption we’ve learned to make after dealing with overpriced ink for so long. However, Ink Warehouse knows that efficient, quality products come in all shapes, sizes, and brands, from Canon ink cartridges to generics. We want you to feel secure about the fact that investing in high-quality printing cartridges does not always mean spending a huge amount of money. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your ink cartridges in relation to your printer, contact us for details! We’re knowledgeable about printer and ink cartridge functionality and pride ourselves in the expert assistance we offer.