7 Things You Need to Know About Ink Cartridges

Many things aren’t understood about printer ink cartridges, and if you are running printers for any reason, you should learn as much as you can about them. With their high prices, it can be challenging to stick with the manufacturers with famous brands, as you know that you can get them cheaper elsewhere. Those who own printers are generally left quite disappointed with the cost of Canon ink cartridges and HP ink cartridges, and the prices continue to rise.

Overpaying for ink isn’t friendly to the budget, but the biggest problem is that those who are overpaying seek out cheaper alternatives – which ends with people buying counterfeit or fake brands. Whether you buy your printer ink cartridges regularly or you have them on the quarterly budget, there’s a lot to learn about them. Here are some of the things to consider about buying your printer cartridges.

Know What Your Money Gets

Before you buy any kind of ink cartridges, you need to ensure you know what your money is getting you. You don’t want just to hear a name and printer and go from there, you need to work out which cartridges are going to be perfect for your printer. You don’t need to buy bulk cartridges to find out they’re wrong!

It’s Cheaper Online

The market often offers cheap ink cartridges online in Australia, with  Canon, HP and Brother ink cartridges coming up far less expensive than in the stores. The problem is that you need to sift through the counterfeit cartridges over the genuine article. Large stationary companies online will sell printer ink cartridges for discounted prices, and they can afford to sell them cheaper than the manufacturer. Ink cartridges are cheaper online given that the companies that sell them rarely have any large overheads.

Fake Cartridges Online

Did you know that some people sell ink cartridges cheaper online because they’re fake? It doesn’t happen all that often, but you need to be able to trust the company that you’re buying from before you make the purchase. If you’re buying budget, always check the reviews of the item before you get started with spending your money.

You Need The Right Printer

If you want your ink cartridges to go further, you need the right printer. Whether you want black and white or colour printing, you need to save money on ink. Choose a printer that doesn’t require expensive cartridges, and you will be saving yourself money from the beginning. Researching the right printer makes all the difference to how much ink you get through. The lower cost of the right ink cartridges is going to go further for you. Being a smart shopper is imperative to spend less on ink, and it starts with the printer that you own in the first place.

Go For Sales

Printers and ink often come out in the sales through the year, particularly at the start of the school years. During sales periods, you could find ink cartridges and printers at a discount, and you could buy ink cartridges at a little cost during this time. Stocking up can save money – primarily as a lot of places have bulk sales where you’ll pay less per unit the more that you buy. It can feel like you’re spending a lot when you buy bulk, but it’s worth it in the end with the cost per unit.

Look At The Shipping Rates

Placing an order is always easy but getting to the end to see the shipping rates can make you cancel the whole thing. It all looks excellent, discounted and cheap, and then you know the cost of delivery and that can change the outcome. Some websites offer prices that couldn’t possibly feel real, so do your own research on shipping rates. Factor in the delivery costs to your budget and you’ll find it much easier to manage how much you spend.

Watch The Expiry Dates

Did you know that ink cartridge expiry dates aren’t exact? Many ink cartridges function very well past that date, and the expiration and warranty dates when you buy will help you to decide whether you’re getting a good deal or not. If you’re going to buy bulk for a large printing job, look for cartridges that are close to their written expiry.

Knowing everything that you can when you shop for printer cartridges will help you to make the best decision possible both financially and to what you need.